SAPC Home for Girls

The St. Andrew Parish Church Home for Girls
located at 16 Ellesmere Road, Kingston 10
was established in 1974, when the first set of
girls was sent there by the Juvenile Court. It
was built as a joint effort of the Rotary Club of
St. Andrew and the St Andrew Parish Church.
The Home has a capacity for 21 girls, aged 9 to 18 years. For over
three decades, it has served girls in need of care and protection. The
girls are cared for in an atmosphere of Christian love and are
required to attend Sunday Service and Sunday school at the Parish
Church. They are also encouraged to become involved in other
Church activities.
The girls are placed in the Home by the Child Development Agency,
which is the umbrella organization of the Ministry of Health. Shortly
after a girl enters the Home, she is given a medical examination, as
well as any other tests necessary, whether educational or otherwise.
Every effort is made to place her in an appropriate learning
institution (in particular high schools), where her education is
carefully monitored.
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